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About the founder was founded by Aman Mudgal, a digital marketing expert, brand strategist, author, and SEO expert from Agra. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Aman saw the need for a platform that offers businesses an affordable and effective way to grow their online presence. His vision for is to create a platform that bridges the gap between businesses and their target audience and helps them achieve their goals.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission at is to provide small and medium-sized businesses in India with an effective and affordable platform to grow their online presence. We believe that by offering a unique way to list businesses, we can help businesses reach their target audience and increase their customer base. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for businesses and customers looking for affordable and effective digital marketing solutions. As well as we promise to provide day to day services and places to the common people of India to make their lives better.

A Big Hand for Businesses:

At, we understand that small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to compete with larger companies when it comes to digital marketing. That's why we offer a unique way to list businesses that allows them to reach their target audience without wasting time and money on ineffective marketing strategies. Our platform uses AI to target the right audience for each business, ensuring that their message reaches the people who are most likely to become customers. We also offer job listings to help businesses find the right talent to help them grow.

A Daily Friend for Mango People of India:

Our platform is not just for businesses. We also offer a way for everyday people in India to find the services they need, whether it's a barber, a restaurant, or a rental property. By using our platform, people can easily find the services they need without having to spend hours searching online. We are committed to helping the "mango people" of India by making it easier for them to find what they need and by supporting local businesses. Just Open Getsalenow  and find what you need, we'll show you the best offers near you

Our Message

We understand the challenges that small businesses face in India, which is why we have designed our platform to be SEO-friendly and to target the audience that is most likely to engage with your business. Our platform offers businesses a way to grow and expand without having to spend a lot of money on traditional marketing strategies. We are committed to helping businesses in India succeed and to providing the everyday people of India with the services they need.

At, we believe that digital marketing should be easy and effective. That's why we have created a platform that is easy to use, affordable, and tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in India. Whether you are looking to grow your business online or find the services you need, is here to help.

So, if you are a small business owner looking to grow your business online, or an everyday person looking for services in your area, list yourself on today and experience the difference for yourself.